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Education Evolution provides choices in education to meet the unique needs of each student.   We partner with schools to create a customized distance-education program specific to the school’s mission, vision, purpose and goals. EEV builds a bridge between families and the school.

For Parents

In today’s world, parents are seeking flexibility in educating their children. EEV provides tuition-free programs for K-12 students that meet that need.

Support – EEV provides all educational supplies, materials, and many of your favorite curricula to ensure you have the necessary resources to successfully educate your child in your home.  These resources include:

  • Chromebook or other similar technologies
  • Online educational programs
  • Paper curriculum
  • Kits
  • Resource library

Choice Driven – Create an individualized plan for your child’s
education with your Educational Specialist or Mentor.

Inquiry-Based LearningOur resources are designed to make learning fun.

Developing Potential – Our program allows the freedom for your child to find and build on their passion, thereby reaching their potential.

Peer Connections – Students build relationships with their peers through the opportunity to participate in onsite programs, regular field trips, and other school and family activities.

How does EEV provide these resources?

Education Evolution partners with local schools to provide these amazing resources tuition-free to families.

Sample Schools

Canyon Grove Distance Education

Canyon Grove is a K-8 Charter School located in Utah County.  They focus on addressing the needs of the Whole Child by providing a large range of experiences and using 21st-century skills such as collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking.  Learn More

Ignite Entrepreneurship Academy Distance Learning

Ignite has a Distance program that serves the needs of K-6 grade students.  They have a Montessori and Entrepreneur focus. Learn More

EEVs services for Schools

  • Recruit new students by marketing the school’s program to a target audience.
  • Assist in community building
  • Provide a direct line for initial parent contact and communication.
  • Provide access to the EEV curriculum database which outlines the alignment of the curricula to the Common Core Standards and/or Utah State Standards (as applicable) in Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Electives.
  • Assist the school in creating a resource library.   
  • Assist in hiring school personnel or provide highly qualified
    instructors that meet all state regulations.
  • Provide opportunities to participate in exceptional researched based professional development to ensure a successful program
  • Provide support for distance education students and their families
  • Build a bridge between the needs of the school and the needs
    of the distance education students
  • Create  systems to ensure compliance
  • Create a customized Distance Education website to link to your school’s home page
  • Access to the EEV Distance Education Family Handbook
  • Provide a Distance Education monthly newsletter to all DE families
  • Access to the EEV website’s Distance Education Family Support Center, which includes training and resources. This will ensure that parents feel supported and will experience success in educating their children at home

Meet the Team

Kim Goates

Chief Executive Officer

Kim is originally from Brisbane, Australia, though she has now spent more than half her life here in the US. Kim started educating her own children at home more than twenty years ago and has owned and run several businesses during that time. Her love and passion for learning, teaching, and her entrepreneurial spirit has helped her to the creation of a cutting edge and integrative system of evolving the current ” norms” of traditional education.

Kim has been immersed in finding a better way of education for schools, parents and students. She has created, designed and implemented systems which bridge the gap between homeschooling families and charter schools by using a “hybrid distance” program.

Julie Adamic

Chief Operations Officer

Julie began her educational career, over 29 years ago. Julie has experience as a middle school Language Arts teacher, charter school founder, principal, charter school association board member and has served as a member of the Utah State Charter School Board.  Along this journey she received extensive training in curriculum design, pedagogy, and she earned her masters in educational administration.

Julie believes strongly in parental rights and providing educational options.  She loves working with parents, students, and teachers to ensure the needs of each child are met.  Education is a partnership and she loves the collaborative nature of distance education.

Lani Murray

Distance Learning Director

Lani has over 8 years of experience in administrative roles at charter schools here in Utah. She loves using her skills and education by merging her passions of project management, business management and public administration with her love of working with parents, students and teachers. She is a doting grandmother to eleven beautiful grandchildren and has 6 wonderful children.

Some have described Lani as a workaholic or energizer bunny, but she likes to describe herself as someone who dives in with both feet into a project. She looks forward to partnering with all of you to ensure the best educational experience for your children.

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