EEV Vendors

Vendors help to provide a valuable element to the educational experience of students. Becoming an EEV vendor brings motivated students to your program. To become an EEV vendor, a vendor must complete the following steps.

Once your application has been approved, you will be listed as an approved EEV vendor on this website.

Complete the EEV Vendor Application – Your application will be reviewed and approved once the remaining steps are completed. Please ensure that the individual who completes the application is approved by the business/organization to complete the application on behalf of the business/organization.

Background Checks – Every individual who will be working with students must complete a Utah live background check. This background check never expires. The cost is $33.25 per individual plus a $10-$20 usage fee depending on where the individual gets the background check. Once the EEV Vendor Application is completed, instructions on completing the background check will be emailed to the contact person named in the application.

Student Fee Forms – Your business/organization will need to complete a student fee form for each student for whom your business/organization will receive payment. EEV will review each form and provide you with a list of all approved forms. You can also use the student fee form to make changes to a current student’s enrollment. EEV is not obligated to pay the business/organization for student fees unless these forms have been completed and approved beforehand. These forms are provided below.

Invoice – Your business/organization will need to invoice EEV directly for the total agreed upon student fees included on the student fee forms.

Unscheduled Visits – EEV vendors must allow EEV or school staff members to visit and observe instruction of students without prior notice. Any EEV or school staff member who visits your location has a current background check on file with EEV and/or the school.

NOTE: All vendors for the 2018-2019 school year need to have their vendor application process completed by February 28th, 2019 to receive payment for services.

Once you have received notice that your vendor application has been approved, you may begin submitting student fee forms for the students who are participating in your program.